Raffles International College

Raffles International College

15, Moo 15, Bangna-Trad 37, Bangkaew, Bangplee, Samutprakan, 10540

About us

Raffles International College, International Standard Private Higher Education Institute located in Bangplee, Samutprakarn. Courses Undergraduate and Postgraduate Studies under the full academic partnership with the University of England Northumbria University, England, has a tuition fee of 295,000 - 1,700,000 throughout the course.

Raffles International College is a private college in Bangkok was established in 2003. Raffles Bangkok is a part of the Raffles Education Corporation, one of the leading education institutes in the Asia Pacific since 1990. As a Premier Education Provider, we are committed to nurturing entrepreneurial and innovative talent in the field of design & business. We prepare our students to be future leaders by providing an education distinguished by its practical relevance and passion for excellence. 

We focus both on education that emphasizes a personalized learning environment and selected programmes that provide students with specialized educational experiences. We aim to provide an unequalled education that will serve our students for a lifetime and meet the needs of our wider community.
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Raffles’s goal is to provide a liberal education that is more than simply a professional mastery of technical capacity or commercial advantage, but the commencement of a life-long pleasure in the human exercise of our minds, our most human part. It is an education whose spirit is designed to remind us that education is life-long and will be the means, far more than a job career, to forge those links with family, friends, community and country that will allow each to sustain the other.
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Raffles International College

At Raffles International College, It takes a total of 3 years to study in the fields of design, psychology and artificial intelligence. It takes 2.5 years to complete the course in business administration. When students complete the first 2 years they will receive an Advanced Diploma.

Bachelor’s Degree in Design Programmes (3 years)
  • Fashion Design
  • Fashion Marketing and Management
  • Interior Design
  • Product Design
  • Visual Communication Design/Graphic Design
  • Digital Media Design/Multimedia Design
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Bachelor’s Degree in Business Programmes (2.5 years)
  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Operation
  • Marketing
  • Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Operation
  • Accounting
  • Finance

Advanced Diploma in Design Programme (2 years)

  • Video Games Design

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology Programme (3 years)
  • Psychology

Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems in Artificial Intelligence Programme(3 years)
  • Information Systems in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Master’s Degree (1 year)
  • Master Of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Masters Of Art In Design Management (from Coventry University)
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Raffles International College

Our campuses are located in 10 countries around the world such as Singapore, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Mongolia, Malaysia, India, China, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Thailand.

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