Lertlah Private School
Lertlah School Kaset-Nawamin road

45 Phet Kasem 77, Nong Khang Phlu, Nong Khaem, 10160

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About us

Lertlah Private School provides education from pre-primary to the Middle School level with in-house developed curriculum accredited by Canadian and Thai public education ministries.

Lertlah Private School started teaching nursery to Grade 3 levels in 1994 when it was established. Kit expanded to Grade 4 and 5 in 1995 and 1996 respectively. The private school started teaching the International Program from Kindergarten 1 to Grade 1 in 1996. The latter were taught by graduate and experienced international teachers.

The school offers education up to Grade 6 since 1997. It also teaches English, Mathematics, and Science with English as the instruction language. The school is supported by and affiliated with education sector and ministry of Canada. For instance it does academic and educational exchanges with the University of Manitoba. It is also affiliated with the Ministry of Manitoba Education. Therefore, its standards are accredited by the Canadian public sector.

It is registered with the Nation Education Standards and Quality Assessment, which is a public education standards organization. The school has received Good Level for 14 academic standards and 53 indicators from this organization.

Some of the facilities that support outdoor activities include an in-door sports center and an out-door sports field. 


The Lertlah School provides the Kindergarten Curriculum, Primary Curriculum, Middle School Curriculum, and International Program.

The school uses its in-house educational curriculum intertwining the Canada Ministry of Education curriculum with that of the Ministry of Education, Thailand. It uses English as the basic instruction language but students also get to learn Thai culture through the bilingual program in the English Program and International Program.

Learners at the Lertlah School undertake the English Program in Nursery to Kindergarten 3 at the age of 1.6 to 3 years. Instruction language is split 50-50 between Thai and English. For the International Program, learners at this level receive 80:20 English and Thai instructions in the subjects. 

In the Primary 1 – 6 level, students learn science, mathematics, and English in English as the instruction language. The International Program provides 80:20 English and Thai instruction but English instruction for Math, Science, Social Studies, English, Health, and Physical Education, Computer, and Arts subjects.

The GrapeSEED English Communication Solution is the school’s program where learners are taught by native English teachers from nursery to middle school 3. It comprises of 40 units and helps learners to develop writing, reading, listening, and speaking skills. They build confidence to be able to use English as native language.

The Private School also uses in-house pre-primary curriculum that integrates Canada and Thai public education curriculums for that level. The same happens with Middle School level.  

Facilities at the Lertlah Private School

The Lertlah Private School started in 1994 with a building for the classroom, meeting hall, and a swimming pool. The school expanded with a second building and started offering Grade 4 program in 1995.

It then established a third 6-storey building comprising of 90 classrooms, and special rooms, each with a restroom. Other facilities include teachers’ and security guards’ dormitories, a second campus on the

To support co-curricular activities, there is a sports center, outdoor sports field, swimming pool, walk-path roof, and a math-science park.  There is also a school bus that picks and drops-off students at select centers. 

In 2004, the Lertlah Private School was awarded for supporting Buddhism and Thai culture. The award was given by the Ministry of Culture, Thailand. 

Location, fees, and admission

The Lertlah Private School has a second campus on the Lertlah School Kanchanapisek Road, which offers education from Kindergarten to middle school. Other campuses are located at the Kaset-Nawamin Road, and the other one Phetkasem Road.

For admissions process and fees, please contact us