Kajonkietsuksa Private School Phuket

Kathu, Kathu District, Phuket 83120, 83120

About us

Kajonkietsuksa Private School is a bilingual school that is privately operated, and it uses both Thai and English languages in its program and education system, located in Phuket, Thailand.

Kajonkietsuksa Private School is a bilingual school that is privately operated, and it uses both Thai and English languages in its program and education system.

This private school was established in 1954, and the English program in the year 1999. The main aim of opening the Kajonkietsuksa School was as a way of furthering educational growth as per the National policy. The school ownership was transferred to Khun Thidaporn Laoviseskul in the year 1995, and she has been the school’s directress ever since.

Due to the rapid growth of the English program, the Kajonkietsuksa Private School is focused on expanding the school’s facility, as well as both the school supplies and materials.

Additionally, this private school is working towards incorporating extra grade levels to sustain the ever-growing number of students in the department.

This private school has over 250 qualified teaching staff that is both Thai and foreign teachers. The school enrolment has been growing rapidly to sometimes over 1,500 students in a year.


To have the Kajonkietsuksa Private School provide its students with the most quality education, it uses a syllabus based on the Thai curriculum. The school also has a modern teaching methodology containing very wide educational resources; all used to make sure that its students receive the very best education.

Since the opening of this private school, the Ministry of education curriculum has been implemented.

The Kajonkietsuksa School is housing all kindergarten, English programs in primary and secondary (EP), and as well as English Special Class (ESC).


Facility-wise, this private school has expanded its campus from a two-story wooden block previously designed to be used for classrooms in the year 1964, to what is now a stylus modernized campus located in Kathu.

This private school has well-equipped facilities such as; classrooms wired with the internet, projectors, etc., ICT Laboratory, Recording Studio, and Music Rooms. Other facilities at this school include Home science Economics (cooking) Room, Gymnasium, Dance Studio, and a Mult - functional Meeting Room. It also has a Library and Self Access, Young Entrepreneurship Room, and Swimming Pool.

Other facilities include coffee Shop, Mini Mart, Art Room, Cafeteria, Science Laboratory, Tennis Courts, and The Green Pitch (football/Futsal).

Location, fees, admission

The process of admission in Kajonkietsuksa Private School starts with visiting the school where the child entering k.2 from term 2 and above is given an entrance skill test, to gauge the child’s ability, and be able to accord the necessary help to each child.

From primary 4 and above, children will be enrolled by first undertaking an interview, which is carried out by the primary or Matthayom administration squad. This interview includes both parent and child.

To apply to this private school in Phuket - documents such as the Entrance test application form are completed for admission. An applicant is also supposed to bring a copy of a child’s latest school report and an entrance examination fee is payable as follows; Kindergarten of the primary entrance fee is 100 BHT while that entrance fee for Matthayom 200 BHT per child.


Full payment of tuition fees is required upon completion of enrolment.
The tuition fee varies from 33,166 THB to 72,750 THB depending on the level of the student. Apart from Tuition fees, there are other payments to be made such as a new student registration fee, guarantee for damage, accident insurance fee as well as student ID Card fee that is done add to the tuition fee.
Kajonkietsuksa Private School is located on the address 125 Soi, The Valley 1, Pre Phuke Keaw Road,
Kathu Phuket 83120, Thailand. 


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