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About us

The Interkids Private Bilingual School in Thailand offers an innovative bilingual Thai-English program through several international curriculums including the British International Program and IEP.

The Interkids Private Bilingual School (IBS) offers a British International Program that adheres to the Thai-UK national curriculum for preschool to Grade 10 students. The program ensures students get hands-on and innovative learning.

This private school was established in 1995 and has a philosophy aimed at teaching language, leadership, ethics, and technology. The curriculum ensures students can properly focus on English, Thai, and Chinese languages. They also get technological skills they can apply later in real life and get skills to make better decisions and take initiatives. Further, the curriculum teaches Thai Cultural Identity through language, cultures, arts, manners, and the likes.

The curriculum at the Interkids Bilingual School

The Interkids Private Bilingual School curriculum, called English-Thai-Chinese Curriculum, entails the pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, primary, secondary levels of education. The school has been teaching the curriculum since its establishment in 1995.

The curriculum borrows from the Ministry of Education’s Basic Education Core Education program which ensures the use of English as the instruction language and Chinese as the third language for students at all academic levels.

The British International Program and it's curriculum mixes teaching of the 8 essential groups of Thai and International subjects with extra-curricular activities. The school sources its English books from the University of Cambridge and Chinese books from the World Chinese Association. Other sources for their curriculum course-works and books include the Royal School of Music, Microsoft, and Canada’s Technokids.

The school also employs an integrated learning approach, a child-centered learning approach, and a project-based learning approach (PBL).

Some of the outstanding awards to the school include the Certification Award from the Office of Private Education Commission (OPEC).

The various school programs that students and learners can sign up for include the IBS-British International Program, International Program, and the Intensive English Program.

At the pre-Kindergarten level, the school teaches the British International Program and the Bilingual Program. At the Kindergarten level, students add on International Program, Intensive English Program, and Special International Program, students study British International Program, Special International Program, and the Intensive English Program while those in the secondary school level study the Grade 7- Grade 10 International Program.

At the pre-Kindergarten level, the program is called IBIP and applies to kids of ages 1.6 to 3 years. The program follows best practices from the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and the Ministry of Education-supported Early Childhood curriculum B.E. 2560.

At the Kindergarten level (K1-K3), the unique Thai-UK core curriculum supports education for those in the Early Years Foundation stage and focuses on academic as well as physical, language, personal, emotional, and social skills improvement.

At the primary level, the school provides bilingual education through a Thai-UK Standard Curriculum. Native English teachers use English as the instruction language to teach Mathematics, Science, Clubs, and Guidance. They also teach English, Reading-Writing, and Spelling. Thai teachers teach Thai History, language, and Scouting. Chinese teachers teach the Chinese language. The school adopts the same program for the secondary level of education.

School facilities at the Interkids Bilingual School

The facilities are spread on the two campuses, namely IBS Nimitmai and IBS Seri Thai campuses. The school has resources to support learning and extra-curricular activities and events that support learning. For instance, students undertake extra-curricular activities to support their physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development.

The private school hosts annual parties, club activities, Respect Day, Quiz contests, English camps, summer camp, IBS House, and World Food Day events.

Other facilities include a school bus.

Location, fees, and admission

The IBS Seri Thai Campus is located on the Seri Thai Road, Khwaeng Khlong Kum, Khet Bueng Kum, Thailand. The address for the IBS Nimitmai Campus, which is a TOEFL Ibt TEST Center, is 9 Soi Pracharuamchai Nimitmai Road, Minburi Bangkok, Thailand 10510.

The school is accepting admissions from May-September in 2020 and 2021.