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8/86 Sunthonkosa Rd., Khlong Toei, Khlong Toei, Bangkok, 10110

About us

Sacred Heart Convent Private School in Bangkok, is an all-girls private school which has four campuses and provides education from Kindergarten to high school from grade 7 – 12.

Sacred Heart Convent Private School offers private education and is located in Bangkok. It is a private preparatory school that has been in operational since 1934 February, 28. 

It is also known as the Praharuthai Convent School. It was the first school of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in Bangkok, Thailand. 

A nun of the Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Paul of Chartres, by the name Sr. Seraphine de Maria Lutenbraker, SPC, moved from France and came to Bangkok as the rector of Saint Louis’s Hospital. As a director of sisters attached to St. Francis-Xavier catholic church, the congregation opened the school and named it Couvent de Sacre Coeur. The private school initially used Thai and French as the instruction languages before changing French to English.  

Initially, the Sacred Heart Convent Private School taught Grade 1 to 6, as a all-girls primary school. Learners went through primary Kindergarten taught inside a 2-storey wooden classroom. Later on in 2002, the school started teaching the English Program.

Currently, the private school is providing education for Kindergarten levels (ages 3 – 5), primary education for grades 1 – 6, and high school from grade 7 – 12. Kindergarten and primary school children also undergo through the Active Conversational English Program. Other programs taught include Intensive English program, ASEAN Program or AP, and English Program.

The school has four campuses Nonthaburi, Donmuang,  Sawankhalok, and Patthanaves Schools.

Some of the alumni of the school include singer Nathathai Saengphech, and actress and model Chanidapa Phongam.

Private School Curriculum

The Sacred Heart Convent Private School offers private school education for Kindergarten, Primary, and Secondary levels with the ages indicated above. Kindergarten and primary school children also undertake Active Conversational English Program (ACE) where they study subjects in English as the instruction language. IDEAL teachers teach this program two hours a week.

For five hours a week, learners undertake the Intensive Program and this provides for primary and high school sections unlike the ACE that provides for Kindergarten and primary sections.

In all the Kindergarten, primary, and secondary sections, learners undertake the English Program or EP where English is used as instruction language for all subjects except Thai and social science.   

Facilities at the Sacred Heart Convent Private School

Facilities at the Sacred Heart Convent Private School support and encourage academic excellence as well as physical health and science skills and practice. These facilities include a science lab to provide practical knowledge on science subjects, smart classes use technology to support learning, and school transportation through a school bus that traverses all the corners of the city. The transportation is charged and one can enquire of the charges from the school administration.

Other facilities are a computer lab used for demo classes and hands-on practice on technical and IT knowledge, a library with about 2000 books covering various subjects, and other rooms and equipment to support sporting and co-curricular activities. These facilities include those to support music, dance, and karate. Students or learners also engage in sporting activities such as khokho, football, cricket, table tennis, and badminton. Sporting activities help student develop physical and mental alertness and health. Students are also provided with mid-day meals.

The website also provides the list of holidays, exam schedule, and admission sessions for upcoming terms and academic years. 

Location, fees, and Private school admission

The private school is located in Klongtoei district in downtown Bangkok, Thailand, and the address is 94 Sunthon Kosa Rd, Klongtoei Bangkok 10110. The administrators of the school can be by contacting us at