Bangkok Bilingual School

589 Pracha Uthit Rd, Samsen Nok, Huai Khwang, Bangkok

About us

Bangkok Bilingual Private School in Bangkok provides pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and primary school education up to Grade 7. The private school opened in May 2002 and its administrators are recognized academicians from the USA, Europe, and Thailand.

Bangkok Bilingual Private School opened in May 2002 and its administrators are recognized academicians I the USA, Europe, and Bangkok. Although the school opened with Grade 1 to 3, it then added Kindergarten and Grade 4 levels in 2003, then Grade 5 in 2004 and Grade 6 in 2005.


The goal of this private school is to support the learning of the English language. During learning, students also learn the culture of other regions and they are, therefore, able to communicate effectively with any foreigner.


With around 699 students as of last year, the private school in Bangkok, Thailand, admits learners aged 2-6 years at the Kindergarten to Grade 7. The Kindergarten is split into 3 levels. Students who complete the three levels graduate to the primary level.


The curriculum at the Bangkok Bilingual School


The Bangkok Bilingual School admits learners of age 2-3 years at the pre-Kindergarten level. The Kindergarten levels 1, 2, and 3 take learners of age 3-4, 4-5, and 5-6 years respectively. The school time for these learners is from Monday to Friday, the same as those at the primary level. Learners graduate to the primary level after completing the three pre-Kindergarten levels.


Learning at the kindergarten level is designed to be fun and enjoyable and follows an Intensive English Program that has spiritual, social, physical, mental, and academic components. Learners learn at their pace. At this level, learners study Maths, English, Science, Life Experience, and Art taught by Thai and foreign teachers. Parents of learners at this level get assessment reports at the end of each semester.


The primary curriculum at the Bangkok Bilingual School also focuses on academics, as well as the social, physical, and spiritual empowerment of the kid. The primary curriculum at the school emphasizes on Thai and English languages and science. English is taught for 20 periods per week, by foreign teachers.


For purposes of assessment, students at the primary level undertake written and verbal exams every term. There also are observation assessments, short tests and exercises, as well as projects, presentations, and interviews.


Facilities at the Bangkok Bilingual School


The Kindergarten campus has 3 buildings, one for primary, and the rest for Kindergarten pupils. Facilities in these buildings include paved play areas, verdant, car park, bus, and car access, basketball court, tennis court, and swimming pool. There are two pre-Kindergarten classrooms and these feature separate sleeping and playing rooms. Kindergarten classrooms also have activity rooms.


The private school also has a computer laboratory, music room library, art room, sickbay, canteen, administration areas, football field, three playgrounds, and multipurpose hall at the primary campus.


The school has been holding BBS Google Classroom Online for Grades 1-7. These started in May and ended on June 30. The students were able to log into the classes via the web portal.


Location, fees, and admission


The upcoming semester dates this year are Jul 1 and December 1 for the first and second semesters. The application or enrolment application for PreK-K3 and G1- G7 is now on-going.

Prospective parents and students can request an application form on by calling us 
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