The Pre-IB Programme at Bangkok Patana School


As Thailand ‘s oldest British International School, the school is proud of its international perspective to embody the best of British values. It is a large and balanced curriculum. It follows the British National Curriculum for Nursery to Year 13 and assessments key points. The Bangkok Patana School is dedicated to British education, emphasizing hard work, integrity, solid moral values and fairness.

The school is truly an international school with a very diverse student body. Global citizens are being formed and global perspectives are being influenced through curricula and extracurricular activities. Bangkok Patana provides the IB (International Baccalaureate) In their last 2 years of school, Learner Profile and students complete the IB Diploma Program.

With a proud record of accomplishments for over 50 years of academic, artistic and sporting, Bangkok Patana celebrates the special achievements of each student. The British curriculum is offered by experienced and trained teachers who utilize modern means to ensure that all students have the chance to achieve their academic and personal development.

At Bangkok Patana School, Year 11 students were offered a Pre-IB preparation Programme (PIP) to keep their minds engaged. The programme involves a range of specially designed and tailored activities, resources, and mini-projects to support students to make the transition from IGCSE to IB.

Many students find the cancellation of an exam a fun occasion; it is a stress anti-climax that increases gradually at the day of examination. With the closure of their two-year course, millions of students worldwide were disappointed when their IGCSE exams were cancelled. Some students wouldn’t know where to go for the next course, usually, in their final years of Secondary/High School, they are worried that after five months of break, they will have to resume their toughest school year.

Usually, in March, a student at Year 11 (I) GCSE finishes their two-year course and revise it until April to plan for the exams that last until May and June. These students would be without formal training from March to August if the course work is finished and examination is cancelled.
                                         Seeing the Opportunity in Every Difficulty – Pre-IB Programme
          By Suzanne Lindley, Assistant Principal Curriculum and Assessment, Bangkok Patana

On the online learning platform of the school, students have access to stimulus materials to participate and challenge their thinking independently. Each week there are opportunities to attend online sessions with specialist teachers for every subject. Students interact in groups for discussions, mini-readings, demonstrations on-screen or questions.

“The Bangkok Patana Pre-IB Programme was a great initiative. It allowed us to learn new topics in our respective options, in addition to, trying out new subjects. Furthermore, in PE we set personal challenges to motivate ourselves to stay fit and healthy despite the confinement. In each subject, teachers set up [online] pages with resources and set up calls during lessons. I also believe it was necessary, as it allowed us to continue challenging our minds in order to maintain proficiency in the subjects and even deepen it! Thank you to all for organizing this program.” Patrick L, Year 11

The students have set schedules covering all topics chosen by the IB diploma curriculum, including an introduction to the Knowledge Theory, a key IB discipline. Students may also go for other topics of interest if they are not motivated on what they wanted to do in the future. Some sessions are targeted at specific student groups based on various needs. For instance, if a student chose an IB subject, they did not study for IGCSE.

Also, regular meetings with the Department of Career and University help students prepare for the selection and application process of different Universities across the world.

Bangkok Patana students benefit from comprehensive development and supportive learning. As proof of their ability, many graduates earn offers from world-leading universities and programmes, while the results of IGCSE and IB compared with similar schools are strong.

As a non-academically selective school, Bangkok Patana obviously has so much to offer for the growth of prospective students, making it a great choice for parents.