Testimonials from Raffles American School


Raffles American School Bangkok has a student-based environment that encourages students to fulfil their academic and life potential. RAS serves students from nursery through 12th grade. The rigorous and rich academic and co-curricular programs promote student’s learning through a learning outcome tactic, recognizing multiple intelligence types and learning paths.

Raffles American School helps students excel by partnering alongside their parents, focusing consistently on academic, emotional, physical and social progress and a profound believe by which students will learn.

Raffles American School  (RAS), offers an American Curriculum for Pre-kindergarten through Grade 12 culminating in the US High School Diploma with opportunity for Advanced Placement College Credit. The American curriculum is a rigorous, standard-based system aimed at teaching the whole child to fulfil their dreams, goals successfully. RAS is accredited by WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges), one of the six accreditation authorities from the United States for the American curriculum.

Raffles has established a comprehensive and systematic virtual learning program to uphold the academic quality and offer the best learning experience, assisted with new technologies, in response to the coronavirus pandemic and the national directive prohibiting students and adults from going to school.

The world of education has changed for teachers around the globe right now, and teachers have been asked to adapt. Teachers were tasked with taking their whole classroom into a digital learning setting. Not slowly, but in just a matter of days and educators around the world have been challenged by offering free services, providing online learning spaces and sharing resources to help one another in great need. What an exciting time to be a teacher and to see people meet the question of what’s important: our future, children and the educational system.

Teacher’s Testimonial Rachel Elyse Palmer

The most amazing part is not even that these educational institute, teachers and parents all handled these challenges — we asked the children to do the same and they did the same thing themselves. Students who spent most of their time with a teacher and students in a classroom all their lives now alone are at home showing their resilience. We are pleased to see that our students demonstrate and continue to impress us every day, as online learning takes discipline and hard work.

As always, Raffles continues to work hard for our students and this new learning platform has only strengthened its mentality. The MS team operates together, interacts with each other, explores innovative forms of increasing the dedication and offers the best service. We are pleased that many teachers in middle school used technology in the classroom with their students, so the transition has been smooth.

We miss our students and want nothing more than being in the classroom, but we understand that our community ‘s security comes first. Sometimes this makes us really appreciate what we have and what we do, and we look forward to a time when once again we can teach at school. In the meantime, we will do our utmost to ensure the best available education continues for your child.

Looking at another teacher’s testimonial from Dave Lankester

I understand all the chaos and uncertainty around online learning, however personally as a teacher, I have really enjoyed the challenge so far. That is not to say that I don’t miss having the students in the same room with me and connecting with them in that space (I really do miss them!) I am enjoying the online learning experience and I’ll tell you why.

Education is an ever-changing field and as teachers, we always have to be on the search for new engaging ways to reach our students. Any parent who has a child in my class will know that I love to incorporate new technology into my classroom, so when I heard that we are going online, I got a little excited. Over the past 4 weeks, the Upper Primary team and I have worked really hard to try to recreate the classroom experience online. This was achieved by making sure that our classes incorporate collaborative learning by using breakout rooms in Zoom, and also by creating differentiated lessons in Nearpod so that students can work at their own pace and with proper support. As always, Raffles’s teachers are constantly striving to produce the most engaging lessons possible.

What truly strikes me in times like these is our ability to come together and work towards a common goal. The team of teachers that I have the pleasure to work with is always offering up new and fun ideas to make this current situation better for everyone involved. I look forward to our weekly Zoom meetings where we discuss what has been working online and where we need to make improvements. It is an honour to be surrounded by such talented and dedicated teachers.

I look forward to returning to the classroom where I can incorporate what I have learned during this process back into my classroom teaching. In the meantime, we will all continue to bring your children the best remote learning available.

Parents Testimonial

I think that learning online is much better than doing nothing at home and not gaining any knowledge. My son’s Homeroom teacher really focuses to teach and is very meticulous with the students. He wants to make sure they acknowledge the importance of focus and listening. At the beginning of online learning there some complaints from my son about homework which required my attention. Up until now, my son has been more disciplined.
Pilpat Wei’s Parents