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Sombunwit Trilingual School

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About us

Sombunwit Trilingual School teaches a Trilingual Program entailing English, Thai, and Mandalin languages as instruction languages. The school applies an modified international curriculum to prepare students to be global citizens and admission into other international colleges and universities, and being culturally diverse. Tuition fees start from 140,000 THB per year.

Sombunwit Trilingual Private School teaches a Trilingual Program offering English, Thai, and Mandarin languages as instruction languages. The school applies an modified international curriculum to prepare students to be global citizens and admission into other international colleges and universities, and being culturally diverse.

In addition to learning Thai culture, students learn through language, writing and cultural activities and programs, Western and Eastern cultures.    

The Sombunwit Trilingual Private School was founded in 1980 as Sombunwit Kindergarten School and started the English Program as early as 1988. The Mandarin language, as teaching language, was added in 2002.

It applies the Montessori Method adapted to the Thai social context from Nursery to Kindergarten 3. Students, through this teaching method, learn to think, investigate, and research. They also learn self-performance skills.

In addition to teaching a comprehensive English Program that enable them join other international and local schools, learners in this private school are exposed in a natural environment full of co-curricular activities, and home environment. The classes have low student to teacher ratios.

Curriculum at the Sombunwit Trilingual Private School

Pupils in K1-K3 learn English, Thai, and Chinese Mandarin languages. Children learn these three languages without straining or much effort. At this age, they learn four skills, namely listening, speaking, then reading, and writing. These skills are imparted through different or a mixture of school activities. For instance, songs and games see the learners learning basics of literacy.

In total, the curriculum and English Program constitutes of 38% Thai subject, 35% English subject, 16% co-teaching subject, and 11% Mandarin. For English as the instruction language, learning is through a mix of activities. Subjects taught in English as the instruction language include Number, Mini Scientist, Fun English, Phonics, and English by songs.

Co-Teaching is employed in Cooking/Gardening, Outdoor activities, Music and Story Telling, Project Approach, and Montessori subjects. As per Thai National Curriculum, Number and Life Experience, and Thai Studies are the subjects taught in Thai. Students and learners learn Mandarin through daily life greeting and activities, music, and a variety of games.   

The curriculum integrates both academic and life experiences and learning, according to their age and education levels.

The curriculum and programs emphasize more action in the practical and sensory areas. For K1 and K2 pupils. They do songs, vocabularies, and greetings to learn Chinese. At K3, they learn Pinyin language.

In K3 Term 2, children are taught about their education path and once they graduate from K3, they are able to and ready to join any other school.

The curriculum also involves music and movement, riding a bike, swimming, and physical education.

Both the Thai and native-English teachers act as Home Room teachers who help students to learn 50% of English language.

Students/pupils who graduate from this Private School can join other English Program schools, Regular Program schools, International Schools, and Alternative Schools. For instance, the school has listed a number of schools learners can join after graduating from this school – these include Assumption College, Saint Dominic, Meter Dei School, and Rajini School.


The facilities at the Sombunwit Trilingual Private School allows students to learn in a diverse cultural environment in addition to undertaking sporting and other extra and co-curricular activities.

Facility-wise, this school is a small school with a warm atmosphere. It provides students and learners with a second home feeling with attractive nature, swimming pool, and gardens. Other facilities include a lawn and a sand pit. Children can also play outdoor games in a natural environment, for instance under sunlight.

Location, fees, and admission

The Sombunwit Trilingual Private School is located on the address 571 Rama 2 rd. Bangmod Jomthong Bangkok 10150 in Thailand and can be contacted via the contact form, phone number, and email addon their website.

The general tuition fee for this private school is 140,000 Baht per year.