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About us

Daroonpat is one of the many bilingual schools providing a Thai-English curriculum or English Program in Thailand. It is located in Bangkok.

Private School Bangkok, Daroonpat  is a private school along the Prachaniwet 1 Rd. The school was established in 1981 on the land where Thai Polytechnic School was built.

It was established as a bilingual school providing English Program. In other words, students in this school learn English as a second language and do not need to get admission to other international schools to do so. They also get instruction in Thai. Being a bilingual school, it teaches students Thai and Western cultures to prepare them for a better future and to better their confidence when interacting with students and other people from these cultures.

This private school employs native English teachers and also Thai teachers. While Thai teachers teach Thai language, social studies, and history, foreign teachers who are native to the English language teach other subjects using English. Students have been learning arts from elementary to secondary school level since 2004.

The curriculum at the Daroonpat Private School

Darunphat Private School concentrates on a bilingual program that teaches English and Thai language. The Ministry of Education in Thailand supports this curriculum and intends to use it to teach students English to their specialization stage and to have them understand both of these cultures. Students also learn good communication skills and gain the confidence to communicate with each other and other people from both of these cultures.

The curriculum at the Darunphat School entails pre-primary education and education in other levels to the Mathayom 6. The education is provided in Art-Mathematics Plan, Art-Chinese Plan, and Science-Mathematics Plan) Art plan - Chinese and Science-Mathematics plan) Art plan - Chinese and Science-Mathematics plan.

The private school does not teach only academic excellence but also seeks to promote the students’ physical and mental well-being. The curriculum also seeks to result in students who have proper ethics, systematic thinking, and management skills. Students and learners also learn to use tools and technology appropriately.

This private school has an Elementary, Junior school, and High School or Seniors curriculum. Each of these classrooms contains not more than 25 learners. At the elementary level, learners learn through play and concentrate on creative activities. They also learn and develop leadership skills. At this level, Daroonpat school teaches a curriculum based on basic education 2551 B.E. format in English Program (Bilingual School). It employs both Thai and native-English teachers.

At the primary level, the school follows the Basic Education Year 2008 curriculum, providing English Program. In this case, native English teachers teach English, Mathematics, Science, and other educational subjects using native English as the instruction language. They also learn Chinese. At this level, students learn through activities and practice what they learn.

Students in the junior school learn courses in English as the instruction language. These courses are English, Maths, Science, Computer, and Geography. Other subjects or courses taught in Thai include Thai language, social studies, physical education, culture health education, and professional careers.

The High School curriculum follows the 2551 B.E. format in English Program (Bilingual School) at the upper secondary level. It plans to offer science-math, art-math, and art-language (English-Chinese) teaching plans. Teachers at this level use English as the basic instruction language to teach Maths, Science, English, computer science, and Geography.

Thai teachers use Thai as the instruction language for social studies, religion, and culture.

Other subjects where Thai is the instruction language include health education, work-career, and physical education. The teachers also use the local language as an instruction language when organizing development activities.

The school implements the Leader in Me process which derives concepts from the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. This entrenches leadership skills to students.

Facilities at the Darunphat School

The Darunphat has facilities to support learning, practice, and co-curricular activities or physical education.

Location and admission

The school is located along the Prachaniwet 1 Rd in Bangkok, Thailand. The address is 8/3 Prachaniwet 1 Rd., Ladyao, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900.

Admissions s by making an application for admission to study. Students and parents require making this application three years in advance and paying a deposit fee of 10,000 baht. The parent can arrange to visit the school, and must bring the student for test and interview on the date teachers specify.