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Berlitz โรงเรียนสอนภาษาแบร์ลิทซ์

323 United Center Bldg., 2nd Floor,, Silom Road,, แขวง สีลม เขต บางรัก กรุงเทพมหานคร 10500, Thailand, 10500

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About us

Berlitz โรงเรียนสอนภาษาแบร์ลิทซ์ สร้างหลักสูตรที่ยืดหยุ่นรองรับการเรียนแบบ On-demand เป็นแห่งแรกๆ และสร้างหลักสูตรเฉพาะที่เชื่อมโยงทั้งการสื่อสาร วัฒนธรรม และความเป็นผู้นำเข้าด้วยกัน

Learn a language. Open your world


Berlitz Language Center in Thailand was established in 1970 to help people in Thailand to learn English skills. As of now, many people have satisfied their future endeavors including future employment, studying abroad, making an impact during their business seminars and trips or other events, and living in Thailand after having gained the skills in this school. 

Berlitz, as a group of over 550 Language Centers all over the world, has over 140 years of experience in teaching language skills, and cultural understanding and confidence. The centers have been providing instructions for more than 52 languages for that long period. 

In Thailand, the training center is a choice for many people in business, social, and school settings, who want to open up new opportunities using those skills. You get the confidence needed to explore these new opportunities and social settings in business, work, and education settings that need knowledge in the language you learn.   

The language training center provides adequate resources to hasten the learning process, without compromising on the quality of training. On registering with the center, you learn online and get an instructor to train you through live lessons. 

One of the Berlitz Language Learning Centers is called the Silom Center, which is located on the Silom Road, Bangrak, Bangkok. The building where the center is located is known as the United Center Building, on the 5th Floor. 

The other campus is called the Sukhumvit Center located in Klongtoey, Bangkok, inside the Times Square Building, on the Sukhumvit 12-14 road, 2nd Floor of the building. 

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Instructor-led online language classes


The center uses an immersive Berlitz Method to teach learners, where online language classes and instructions are delivered by Berlitz-certified native instructors. The custom training strategy uses proven most-effective, and flexible learning techniques and methods. Given that the method is effective and proven, students acquire the skills or learn the language fast.


The Berltiz language training center, Thailand works with learners to develop custom programs tailored according to the Berlitz method. The school will suit the program to learner’s learning styles to maximize the learning outcomes.


To go into detail, the Berlitz Method relies on a conversational teaching style where real-life situation contexts are the basis of teaching practical vocabulary and grammar. Through natural conversation, students learn to speak English the way they did their first language. Berlitz has developed custom materials and techniques to improve language instruction. For this purpose, they provide new online programs and utilize cutting-edge information technology.


The method comprises of four characteristics. The first is the exclusive use of the target language where students must converse using the target language, regardless of the level of learning. The conversational approach relies on listening, speaking, and memorization to impart language skills.

Active student participation is the second characteristic, which involves each student speaking actively in all stages of instruction. It imparts relaxation, confidence, and frequent use of the language, as well as encouraging students to learn.


The third characteristic is using simulated oral real-life contexts to immerse the learner in the new language learning. The third characteristic is the building block approach where basic structures and grammatical points are given during the early stages of instruction, and then students thoroughly practice each structure.


Finally, the method has a quality assurance process that ensures each student will achieve the proficiency level targets. Student’s progress is measured and assessed using standardized proficiency levels.

Regarding its curriculum, Berlitz caters to diverse age groups from, 4 – 7 Years, 8 – 11 Years, and 12-16 Years, as well as adults.


Starting with kids and teens, Berlitz has a program tailored for youngsters to ease the learning of foreign language. Children not only grasp foreign languages easily but also can learn quickly to speak it fluently and flawlessly. Trained and native teachers deliver language instructions to these young learners in a more enjoyable environment and method. Children of similar ages are grouped, and playing and participation are employed in teaching.


Regarding children and kids’ language training, the center also offers special programs tailored for schools and their teachers. The Mimi & Me program for ages 4 – 7 relies on playtime to impart language skills to learners. The program also uses songs, games, and stories to help children learn grammar and language. They also learn to communicate and interact in English.


The Berlitz Global Adventure program targets ages 8 – 11 while the Time Zones program targets ages 12 – 15 years.


For adults’ language instruction, the Berlitz language training center in Thailand holds face-to-face teaching and instruction delivery at different convenient locations. These face-to-face training are available for more than 50 languages and are provided in more than 550 centers around the world. Adults can also choose to study English only or alongside other languages offered at these centers. These instructions can also be delivered via individual or group instructions or as a private program with faster results.


Berlitz is a well-known institution for those who want to learn TOEIC, IELTS, and TOEFL. Berlitz will provide a test report recognized by the institution you are attending. There are many motivations for studying for these qualifications, including career, living in a foreign country, or studying.

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Why choose Berlitz?


John F. Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, Nicolas Sarkozy, and Francois Mitterrand are some of the alumni of this institution. Other known luminaries and personalities who have attended the Berlitz are Celine Dion, Robin Williams, and Meryl Streep.


Berlitz, therefore, helps in the development of global leaders. The centers provide a workforce with skills necessary to succeed in a changing world. Berlitz also helps in cross-cultural consulting and global leadership development. Companies can use their services to not only overcome cultural differences but also to manage diversity. They can also use its services to optimize performance by leveraging similarities among workers.


Berlitz offers options for people who want to learn languages at home, at work, and even on the road. Also, it has helped many businesses to cut costs for their training and re-training operations; and many professionals to cut across cultural boundaries and language boundaries.


The Berlitz language learning center uses up-to-date materials. These materials are delivered in a format that is suitable for learners. For instance, these formats can be face-to-face, live online instruction, multimedia self-study, and blended options. There are also options for studying abroad and at home or at work.


Learners get to learn one-on-one in small groups. The center also provides measurable results and quality measurements and quality assurance.


Berlitz also carries the certification by the Government Services Administration (GSA) which is located in the US. The institution also carries certification by the International Standards Organization (ISO) in many European countries.

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The Berlitz Language training center in Bangkok has received testimonials from individual and group trainees. The individual trainees include teachers and non-teachers, as well as students.


For instance, students attest to the program helping them to understand the languages through explanations and games. An example is students who require studying many subjects in the English language.


On an international level, the Berlitz group of training centers have received very many reviews online. Some say it is a great learning environment where teachers and students can afford multiple language courses. They say the schools offer a comfortable experience and teachers are friendly and helpful. Reviewers also give testimonials that the center has helped them to acquire better language skills such as communication where they can communicate better in family, business, school, and corporate settings.


Reviewers also provide evidence that this training center has helped them to acquire a new language in a short period, for instance being able to see improvements within a month. Others say that the center helped them to learn at their own pace. According to the reviews and testimonials, Berlitz helps both beginners, intermediate, and advanced level learners.