About us

The International Montessori School located in Hong Kong's application fee is HK $2000 per student and the tuition fees vary from HK$12,150 to HK$17,600.

The International Montessori School was Hong Kong’s first accredited Montessori elementary school, established in 2002. Established by a group of parents and professionals, it aims to prepare learners for their future competitive world. The first campus was established in Wanchai and the school now has three campuses in Hong Kong.

The Montessori School employs an internationally recognized teaching method known as the Montessori Method. The school pioneered an English/Mandarin Chinese dual-language program.

The international school is accredited by the Montessori Council since 2012 to provide the Montessori programs. It admits children as early as two years of age for foundational education and learning.

It provides four programs, namely Foundation Groups, Casa Dei Bambini, and Upper and Lower Elementary Education. Children not only learn core and foundational subjects, but also social, motor, practical, sensory, leadership, and other skills.

Guardians and parents willing to have their children admitted into this school can follow the simple process of applying online and scheduling a visit with the child to the campus. After the application, the school will decide on placement. These programs emphasize on teaching the children established path as well as personal developmental paths.

In the learning process, children are taught independently as well as groups in classrooms. Each class is guided by two teachers, a Putonghua-speaker and one English speaker in delivering the dual-language program. At the Elementary level, children attend separate small groups for Chinese lessons.

The four to five-year-olds attend a full-day program while those younger attend a half-day program.


The International Montessori School provides Foundation Groups for two-year-olds. Children explore in a Dual Language environment, through English and Chinese speaking teachers. Children are divided into groups of 16 children each led by a teacher and an assistant to the teacher. They then undertake different lessons, tasks, and learning to develop their, sensory, practical, motor, and developmental skills among other skills.

Students who graduate from the Foundation Groups are admitted to the IMS Casa Dei Bambini classroom at the age of 3 to 6 years. In these classrooms each of the max 25 learners, they are trained to be more independent through undertaking interest-based activities revolving around both Eastern and Western cultures. They learn maths, geography, science, music, art, Chinese and languages, and cultures. These graduate to the Elementary Years.

Elementary education is delivered in two groups, lower and upper elementary. In the lower elementary education, students are given Sciences – Earth Science, Physics, Chemistry, and Astronomy; and Chinese language subjects/lessons. In the upper elementary at the school, learners are trained to develop, on their own, research projects, and collaborative learning.

For instance, learners engage in planning for events, etc. At the Upper Primary, students learn economic and cultural Geography, and Chinese vocabulary, as well as Chinese language lessons on Earth Sciences.

Facilities at the International Montessori School

In between the three campus locations are a host of facilities apart from the ordinary classrooms. The Aldrich Bay campus is the newest and hosts three Casa classrooms and a Foundation group.

Location, fees, and admission

Montessori School is located at various locations for the various campuses: the Stanley Campus is in the Ma Hang Estate, at Stanley in Hong Kong. Trees, an outdoor park, and promenade are some of the facilities on the South Horizons campus.

The mid-level campuses are at Mezzanine Entrance, Tung Fai Gardens on the Po Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. The South Horizon campuses are in Phase III Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong. The Aldrich Bay Campus is located on the Wan Road, Shau Kei Wan in Hong Kong.

The International Montessori School sets fees every year in spring for the following academic year. Also, they are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

The application fee is HK $2000 per student, also non-refundable and inclusive of the assessment fee. The Foundation Group Fees varies per program with a 5-Day fee for ages 2 to 3 being HK $9,800. The tuition fee also varies from HK$12,150 to HK$17,600 depending on the school program.

The cost of bus service, uniforms, field trips, educational programs, and others also varies. There are also levies for the Capital Contribution Plan.

The application is at any time, with assessments for the Foundation Program held in late spring. For more information about this school contact us.