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The Harbor School, which is an American Curriculum International School in Hong Kong, charges tuition fees from $164,000 to $210,000, from preparatory to Grade 12.

The Harbor School is an American Curriculum international school based in Hong Kong. The school offers education from pre-K to G12. The school provides primary and secondary international education.

Although the school provides the American Curriculum education, it is adapted to suit local and learners’ needs as well. The school’s curriculum emphasizes on numeracy, literacy, social skills, and technology, as well as teamwork, problem-solving, creativity, innovation and resilience.

The curriculum ensures to support students academically but also does not avoid admitting weak students. The school provides a structured approach to reading and writing and maths, but in addition to that, uses experiential learning for maths, science, history, and the arts. The programs are also adjusted to suit students’ learning abilities and skills.

The Harbor International School Hong Kong was founded in 2007. The school maintains a ratio of one to eight teacher-to-students ratio. This encourages students and learners to explore their different areas of strength while getting adequate personal support.

The members of an Advisory Council of the school include government program directors and university deans, as well as usual parents.


Curriculum at The Harbor School

Instead of teaching subjects in isolation, the international school provides thematic units where themes are used to connect with most, if not all, subjects. For instance, Thematic Units such as Community Helpers and Everyday Heroes help the students to develop curiosity.

They also help them develop social skills and playfulness, kindness, and other attributes. Thematic lessons rely on developing shapes, sense of colors, words and their meanings, etc.

The Holistic THS picture helps students gain communication skills, risk-taking, critical thinking, learning, and other skills necessary for later life. Throughout the learning stages, educators instill seven learner goals which including those of being inquisitive, integrated within, resilient and innovative, among other goals.

The Harbor Village features six classrooms and students stay together with the same teacher for two years if they are admitted to the school after being aged four years. This is early childhood education.

They learn multiple disciplines including Music, P.E., Mandarin, and Art. They then move to Grade 1.

Students at the school’s secondary level apply an internally proven teaching and learning model called the Harbor method. It was developed by Dr. Jadis Blurton who is the Head of School and child psychologist. Not only does this method provides students with flexibility, but also teaches collaboration and personal growth.


Facilities at the Harbor School Hong Kong

The facilities at the Harbor School include campus classrooms at the Harbor Village. The campus provides an immersive experience while taking the thematic units. The Black Dolphin Cove is designed to provide learners of 4 – 6 years with an interactive space for role-playing. Learners get a good time to develop speech, language, grow emotionally, and develop problem solving and cognition.

The Backyard is an in-door space featuring among others a climbing wall and balance beam to help students build on their motor skills. Other facilities include The Park Wall which is an indoor park with balance bikes, traffic lights, and tricycles; and the library.


One of the outstanding features of the school is the fifty-foot wooden ketch which serves as an outdoor classroom. This sailing platform is an adventure place for science, math, music, engineering, art, social studies, and literacy.

Harbour International School Location and admission

The application fees to the THS is $2,500 for Prep to Grade 12. Students are also charged an annual capital levy of $33,000 and a family debenture of $450,000. The debenture, which is a must for each family upon admission, exempts one student from paying the annual capital level.

Being a family-based school, it encourages admissions of one-school families or families that want to take all their students to and through a single school. The admission considers not just the academic gifting for learners but also the creativity, problem-solving, and social adept nature of learners. The school schedules a trial day with the learner for purposes of assessing the learner.

The school also hosts regular tours for aspiring parents and guardians.

The tuition fees at this International school in Hong Kong depends on Grade level, from $164,000 to $210,000 from preparatory to Grade 12.