International School

The Grange Institution

449 Yio Chu Kang Road Singapore

About us

The Grange Institution Singapore is an international primary school that  was established in the year 2018, located in Singapore. All the programs are delivered face-to-face in a classroom not exceeding 24 students each.

The Grange Institution Singapore is an elementary school that  was established in the year 2018.

The school uses the International Primary Curriculum as well as Cambridge International Curriculum in its teaching programs. The school is small, and this helps them to avoid compromising the standards of teaching and learning, which could occur due to overcrowding. This also allows its professionals around to offer their students the fullest attention.

Additionally, the Grange Institution Singapore offers only full-time programs and all the programs are delivered face-to-face in a classroom not exceeding 24 students each. Their class time goes from 10 am to 4.30pm.


The Grange Institution Singapore uses The Cambridge Primary Curriculum which is set in three major sections, namely Cambridge Primary English Curriculum, Cambridge Primary Mathematics Curriculum and Cambridge Science Curriculum.

This international school Singapore is founded on the values of University of Cambridge and integrates the best school practices. This form of curriculum offers the student with the opportunity to build confidence to accept their responsibilities and work innovatively in their future lives. The three subjects set curriculum provides the students with the proper comprehensive and progressive learning targets.  

The international school also offers the IPC – the thematic International Primary Curriculum. This curriculum offers the students with the foundation to access and process things accordingly. This curriculum also has components to help the students to learn about the world around them through engaging the students with the different thematic units of learning design so as to appeal to their interests and objectives. Some of the subjects that follow this curriculum framework are the Arts, Geography, History, ICT, Computing , Music, Science and PE just to mention a few.

Through the set curriculum frameworks, students are able to see the actual picture and make the relevant connections to the various subjects to see the actual picture of the world from multiple perspectives. The school programs offered at the Primary Curriculum level are for students from Year 1 to year 6 and each takes about 11 months. They are offered to different age groups at year 5-7, 7-8, 8-9, 9-10, 10-11 and year 11-12.

The Grange Institution Singapore implements good assessments to their students as part of learning. This is done by close monitoring of the students using formative and summative assessment practices. The assessments fully involve both students and teachers to promote students social and academic progress. 


The Grange International School Singapore has several school facilities. The classrooms, dining facilities and the playing ground are among the different facilities in the school.

Location, fee and admission  

This international school in Singapore is located on the address 449 Yio Chu Kang Road in Singapore.

There are three easy steps to follow, for the admission process. These are application, interview and enrolment and all are well indicated in the school website.

Due to different curriculum levels that range from curriculum year 1 to year 6, the Grange Institution Singapore charges an annual school fees ranging from $21, 337.94 to 21,337.94 that cover the two semesters in their academic year. Other fees paid alongside the tuition fee are the application fee, enrolment fee and miscellaneous fee.

In the academic year 2021 the school is offering a promotional fee of $19,900 that will be applicable till the end of the academic year. The first 20 to apply will be excepted from paying application fee of $500 as well as 50% discount in the enrolment fee of $2000.

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