International Kindergarten Bangkok - Melodies
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International Kindergarten Bangkok - Melodies

55 Sukhumvit Soi 38, Prakanong, Bangkok, 10110

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Melodies International Kindergarten and Nursery was established in 1981 as a nursery for Japanese families living in Bangkok, Thailand. Then relocated to Sukummvit 38 in a lush, peaceful environment. Melodies have the Thai Ministry of Education 's license to operate as an international kindergarten.

Melodies International Kindergarten and Nursery promotes the development of children in physical and mental social areas with a particular focus on multicultural awareness. Melodies support children between the ages of one and half years old to 6 years old to learn independently with their families in close collaboration. The curriculum supports the unique environment of children taking part in every day kindergarten activities. 
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Melodies International Kindergarten Curriculum

The school provides two curriculums, an international curriculum and a Japanese curriculum, the kindergarten caters to children from 2 to 6 years of age. The curriculum includes learning numbers, music, letters, arts and physical activity through fun and interesting activities.

The school encourages children to be confident, creative thinkers and to have self-reliability and flexibility.  Every day there are several games and hands-on exercises. Throughout the year-long, students take part in multi-cultural activities. The school often organizes frequent field trips for families and friends to visit museums, zoos and parks.
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Melodies International Kindergarten Facilities

Melodies International Kindergarten and Nursery provides a variety of facilities such as air-conditioned classrooms, transportation, food, large playground, cafeteria, a multipurpose hall, physical education facilities and a swimming pool for children.

The school was designed with a focus on activities and safety, with a bright and warm environment. The activities space area is situated near the nursery room to help children enjoy playing even in rainy season. 
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Melodies International Kindergarten and Nursery has also introduced "gymnastics" or body resilience classes to create the right body strength and balance skills for all students. The equipment used to study gymnastics was imported from Japan ensuring quality and safety.

Music and art activities are also notable. Every teacher in the school can play the piano. The school uses music as part of the teaching link. There is an addition to the Art Craft section, a Japanese origami art activity, to practice the use of small muscles of the child.
Cooking Studio

At Melodies International Kindergarten and Nursery, a Japanese nutritionist takes care of the food for the children to eat delicious food. Full of nutrients.

Expanded into a Cooking Studio activity for children 2 years and older, students can come in and cook their own food, learn about the ingredients, the origins of the dishes they have eaten deeply, and can confirm that with the attention of all teachers and staff, they can learn about the ingredients, the origins of the dishes they have eaten. The accident statistics here are zero.
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Parents are invited to take a look at children's energetic activities and how their interact with caregivers and peers. It's a meeting where parents and the nursery work together to improve childcare. Discuss childcare content, events, environment, education trends, requests of parents, etc.

In terms of safety, Parents can be assured that all children will be well looked after with one-way entrances, making the security system to be tightly studied In addition, the teachers here are known to all children, The temperature will be monitored every morning and before returning home to ensure that the children are healthy. No illness, no fever. In case of unforeseen circumstances, All teachers can take first aid care to students as well.


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