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Bangkok Christian International School - BCIS

53 Soi 44 Pattanakarn Road, Suanluang, Bangkok, 10250

About us

Bangkok Christian International School (BCIS), is a christian school, based on the American curriculum program, located in Bangkok, Thailand.

Bangkok Christian International School (BCIS) was established on August 22, 1997 under the direction of Missionary Un Kil Jung.

The school is founded on the Christian Spirit of love and concern for human dignity. BCIS believe in the necessity of a strong Christian-based philosophy that supports academic programs, fosters the development of moral principles, and best prepares students to meet the challenges in an ever-changing world. Originally, the school’s goal was to meet the educational needs of Thai and Korean missionary and pastors’ children in a Christian environment with quality education at an affordable cost. Soon after its inception the vision of BCIS was broadened to include any member of the global community who desired a quality, affordable, Christian, as well as international education and BCIS subsequently became a full fledged and flourishing international school

BCIS’ mission is to equip our students to live and serve effectively in our global community by teaching them to apply wisdom through the comprehension, appreciation, and evaluation of our world in light of God’s inspired Word. 

Our vision is to provide a quality international education within a caring Christian environment, encouraging leadership, independent thought, and the development of lifelong learning skills; to celebrate diversity, promote tolerance and foster understanding between people of all races and cultures.
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Student Life 
Bangkok Christian International School is well known for our close knit family atmosphere and high academic excellence. Students enjoy strong rapport with their teachers and truly feel and experience the love and passion that all BCIS family members have for one another.

We also encourage project based learning and collaborative learning, not only to celebrate the cultural diversity of the international school environment, but also to teach our students to use higher order critical thinking skills, increasing their motivation to learn, and providing additional opportunities for students to practice communication and social skills. BCIS provides a balanced curriculum which caters for students’ physical, social, emotional, creative and academic needs with the aim to produce students with a sound academic foundation and a caring view towards society and others.

We also always encourage our students to serve others and to give back to the community through our Annual Community Service Day and Senior Capstone projects.

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International School: American Curriculum 
BCIS offers an American-style, college-preparatory curriculum using textbooks from famous US publishing companies such as Glencoe/ McGraw-Hill, Pearson/Prentice Hall, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and SRA/ABEKA. Both LA and Math are now built and based upon the well known and widely used Common Core State Standards.

The CCSS will be used in these two subjects so as to ensure vertical and horizontal alignment throughout the school curriculum.  Science has adopted the NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) for grades 1 to 8 and other grades will soon follow. 

The focus is on STEM and hands on experiential learning through projects and experiments.
Our Kindergarten follows American Creative Curriculum, which is a research-based curriculum that promotes exploration and discovery as a way of learning, enabling children to develop confidence, creativity, and lifelong critical thinking skills.

In addition, we also offer a wide array of Advanced Placement (AP) programs for our High School students. All classes, except foreign languages, in BCIS are taught in English. The school also provides English as a Foreign Language Program (EFL) and Special Needs Support Services as needed from Grades 1 to 8.

BCIS’ teaching approach is focused on interactive and engaging student-centered learning strategies in order to promote learning within a stimulating and real world environment that encourages students’ self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-discipline, 21st century skills, and most of all collaboration and cooperation.

Technology integration is an important aspect of our teaching strategy so as to ensure that our students are prepared with the skills needed for future jobs and careers.

We strive to ensure that our students are capable of achieving the highest academic standards and that their special individual needs and learning styles are recognized, appreciated and catered to. 

Diversity at BCIS 

At BCIS, we believe that each student brings something new and distinct to the classroom, whether it be their experiences, cultural backgrounds, personalities, world views, etc. With this philosophy in mind, making sure each student feels like they belong is one of our priorities.

We teach our students to love one another and respect and appreciate one another’s differences in order to promote unity in diversity and maximize the effectiveness of the collaborative learning process. BCIS also celebrates our student diversity through school wide events such as International Food Fair, Thanksgiving Celebration services, Songkran celebrations, Thai Culture Day, and many more. BCIS has students representing more than 20 nationalities worldwide yet maintaining English as the medium for instruction and communication throughout the school. 

We even celebrate the various nationalities represented at the school through a special flag ceremony in the mornings that highlights each nation’s national anthem and flag. 

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Despite being a smaller international school, BCIS offers extensive scholarship programs that  families can either apply for or that are given by the scholarship committee to students who are chosen for their outstanding performances in Academics, Music and/or Sports. Some currently offered scholarships includes Missionary Scholarships (for foreign students whose parents are working with a mission organization in Thailand), Pastoral Scholarships (for the children of pastors) and Government Workers Scholarships (for the children of those who work for the Thai government and state-owned enterprises). 

We also provide tuition scholarships for teachers’ children that work and serve at the school. 

BCIS is governed by the Bangkok Christian International School Foundation (a Non-Profit Organization) to ensure that BCIS is able to provide an affordable, quality, and fair international education for missionaries, pastors, government officers and all families interested to be part of our school family. BCIS is an active member of the International Schools Association of Thailand and is also a member of ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International.) 

BCIS is fully accredited by both the Ministry of Education (MOE), OPEC, and ONESQA of Thailand.  Internationally we are fully accredited by three major U.S. regional accreditation organizations: the Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA CASI), and the Council on Accreditation and School Improvement of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS CASI), and the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC).

“I love this school, it has a sweet family atmosphere. My impression of having a child in the school for three years now, is that people are kind and every student is important. The teachers work hard, there is a high academic standard with good systems in place for people who are at different academic levels. Everyone works hard, including the students, there is an atmosphere that promotes industry with cooperation rather than competition.” Judy Larson, parent of Grade 12 student
“One of the many things that I really enjoyed about this school is its atmosphere. Everyone is so friendly and kind, I was able to make a lot of friends even though I am a new student. I also loved all the classes and teachers and all the activities I was able to participate in, especially volleyball. I can't wait to learn more about God and make more friends.” Linda, parent of Grade 10 student 


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Bangkok Christian International School Founded in 1997, BCIS has grown from a school of just 35 students, catering mainly to the needs of the Christian missionary community into a rapidly expanding multi-cultural international school of almost three hundred students and fully qualified staff representing between them nearly twenty different countries.