Birthday Party Bangkok - Siam Laser Games

Birthday Party Bangkok - Siam Laser Games
Siam Laser Games สยาม เลเซอร์ เกม

Novotel Siam Square Soi 6, Basement Floor ปทุมวัน Bangkok , 10330

About us

For the very best in birthday parties, Siam laser tag is located in Siam Square, Bangkok and has more than 30+ models and birthday party packages for children & adults

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Birthday Party Bangkok - Siam Laser Games, is located in Siam Square, Bangkok at the Novotel Hotel. With more than 30 different variations of laser games. It is considered to be one of the biggest venues for laser tag and laser games perfect for children's birthday parties and corporate team building activities. 

With new style arena that fits a capacity of 45 people, the laser tag arena comes complete with an impressive surround sound system that provides an interactive experience suitable for children from ages 7 years old to Adults of all ages. 

Children's Birthday packages at Siam Laser Games include a private event held at the laser tag arena, where kids and parents can enjoy a jam-packed session of fun whilst playing in teams. For the special birthday boy or girl, Siam laser game birthday packages comes with cake and the special feeling of  all-out experience of hiring a private hall and space for your birthday party consideration. 

With the very best in equipment for Laser tag, Siam Laser provides state-of-the-art laser guns, that are lightweight, safe and fun. Laser tag is considered a fast-paced game and activity suitable for children from 7 years old and adults alike, both parents and children are able to join in the fun. Laser Tag Games are action style adventure games that can consists of hide and seek, capture the flag, find the base, hold the fort and can be played with small or large groups. 

Siam Laser Games, provides individual & group briefing to players, in Thai or English at the venue, prior to game matches, to ensure that safety of players and children. Each game is monitored by officials at the Venue to ensure the safety of the players and at the moment, our venue is cleaned at every interval during covid-19 pandemic for a fun and safe experience. 

Siam Laser Games players will be brought to a room, where they are equipped and fitted by our game professionals a high-tech colored laser vest, which comes with sensors in the front of the vest and back, attached to the vest is a holster with a futuristic laser gun that will emit a laser beam for scoring. 

When players complete their safety briefing and understand the rules of the games, they are ushered into the arena where players get a certain duration to play classic tag games but in this case with laser guns! The arena is set with a futuristic theme and it's great for all. 

For reservations on how to have an exciting birthday party for your children, contact us now for exclusive discounts. 

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FAQs at Siam Laser Games

We are the best laser tag that you never met before, with more than 30 game modes challenge your skill, compatible for any numbers player and new style arena that make you left the realistic world behind.

How much are the birthday packages?
For birthday parties, games started at 495 baht for unlimited rounds of playtime! The Birthday girl / boy will get a special Photo 2x3 by Siam Laser Games. Please call us if you'd like some tailored or custom events or cake requests.

How long do I have to book in advance?
Usually dates and group bookings fill out quickly, so we would advise to contact us 7-14 days prior to get your birthday venue ready.

​​​​Are Walk-ins allowed?
Yes, we're open 7 days a week, come and join the fun and don't worry about the number of players we have some extra players for you too!

Is the laser game venue lit up or dark?
Our venue is exciting and we promised its not too dark and super safe! We can also turn off all the lights for the more advanced players.

Do you serve refreshments?
We provided free water to replenish water-bottles during gameplay and intervals, we also have an on-site drinks menu for your event.

Can I bring decoration into the venue?
Sure, we're happy to assist you with your children's birthday party arrangements, call us to discuss your requirements.