Little Footsteps Playgroup Bangna
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Little Footsteps Playgroup Bangna
Little Footsteps

8 Srinagarindra 62 Alley, Nong Bon, Prawet, Bangkok, 10250

About us

Little Footsteps is created by two sisters. The older sister Helen, is deeply passionate about books and reading. The younger sister Fany, enjoys working with children and creating activities which promote learning through play. We have created a children's space that includes a library, art and craft room, a cooking room, a board game room, a music room, and a white room where colors explode.

Little Footsteps, you’ll have unlimited access to our play space area whenever we are open! We are offering the following:

Little Footstep CAMP

Our camps recommended for kids ages 3 years old and above, this camp includes both indoor and outdoor activities for kids that includes not just fun activities but also activities that kids will learn. We make sure that the kids are having fun while they are learning.

Our activities include ART and CRAFTS, SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS, SIMPLE BAKING, MESSY PLAY, SENSORY, SING and DANCE and also STORY TELLING. Our activities will start from 9:30 in the morning and finish at 3:00 in the afternoon.

We also have a free play for the camp kids after the activities, they can freely play around while waiting for their parents to pick them up. We also have big library that have loads of books like English, Chinese, Japanese and Thai The kids can freely use our library for them to read and enhance their vocabularies. We also have special discounts for those who will sign up early.
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Little Footsteps playgroup is designed to help young learners as they prepare for their journey into kindergarten. Most of the kids that are joining our playgroup starts from ages 1 to 3 years old. We have fun activities for those parents that are looking for something enjoyable, relaxing and enriching to relief tension from daily life. Some activities that we are doing for the playgroup are the following:

 PAINTING  - our paints are nontoxic and washable, kids can have fun painting both indoor and outdoor. We have white rolling papers that the kids can use for the painting time. They can use paint brushes, paint stamp (with different styles and shapes) or use their hands as well!

 DECORATING COOKIES/CUPCAKES  - We are preparing the dough beforehand and the kids will be the one to mold and shape. We also provide the icing and sprinkles for the kids to use for decorating. Kids love this activities and parents as well!
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 OUTDOOR PLAY  - For this type of activity, we are preparing fun outside activities like water play especially if the weather is good. We have improvise pool for kids. We make sure that we clean the pool first before filling the water. We also have big boxes where we put sand, water, and then let the kids scoop colorful fishes, ducks, and even play wooden car in the sand. Through this activity, the kids can improve their color recognition and learning to sort things. We also have bubbles play time, the kids most favorite!

 SINGING AND DANCING  - Through this activity, we sing some nursery songs that the kids will love together with some simple actions that the kids can easily follow and remember.

 SENSORY PLAY  - On this type of activity the kids can freely play and enjoy designed activities that with the use of different materials. This activity will also improve their physical senses.
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If you are looking for a place to celebrate a birthday, our place is the perfect one for you. We have a wide space that can accommodate your family and friends. Just tell us your ideas and will help you hand in hand to make it happen. We will decorate the place according to your theme. We have an affordable birthday package that will suit your budget. We also provide party games and activities that kids will love.


We also offer big playdates for class parties or even a get together with your friends. If you want to have a big space where the kids can have fun group activities. Our place is the perfect one for the parents to set for the children to play together.
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We believe that childcare is really important it acts like a support system to the families who are not able to give more time to their children. While you get some work or need to run an errands, you can let us take good care of your kids first. Full day or half day is acceptable. 6 hours a day for children age 3 and above.

Here at Little footsteps we are making sure that kids will learn, that playing is not prohibited and that every kids should have fun and feel at home. We encourage the parents to come and visit our place and see by themselves that Little Footsteps is a fun place for learning and playing. We always believe that “every child is special” and it takes time for them to learn so let them enjoy while they are still young.

Little Footsteps Course Prices for:


●  1800 BAHT full day class
    (9:30 am-3:00 pm) (Inc. snacks and lunch)
●  900 baht half day class
    (9:30 am-12:00 noon) (Inc. snacks)


●  600 BAHT (10:30 AM- 12:00 N00N)

We also offer playgroup member cards:
●  If you will avail 10 classes the price is 6,000 baht less 5% OFF
    and you can use it for 3 months.
●  If you will avail 20 classes the price is 12,000 baht less 10% OFF
    and you can use it for 4 months.