Kensington Learning Space
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Kensington Learning Space
เค็นซิงตัน เลิร์นนิ่ง สเปซ (Kensington Learning Space)

88/9 Bangprom 16, Ratchapruek Rd., Talingchan Bangkok, 10170

About us

Kensington Learning Space (KLS) Located 10 minutes from BTS station in the city of Bangkok, the Kensington Learning Space offers different out-of-school weekend and evening classes and programs to suit students from international schools who are seeking extra learning beyond their normal school day learning.

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Kensington Learning Space (KLS) is a brand new and forward thinking out-of- school leaning centre established to give children aged 6 months to 11 years old, a holistic and cutting edge training.

It provides different programs including academic, but also art and creative classes, as well as physical training, as a way of preparing the kids for the future life. The programs are set by experts in collaboration with world’s best providers.

To achieve their goals, the Kensington Learning Space has team of trained professionals who carry out teaching. They also have purpose–built high quality facilities and modern facilities for learning. They also have a one-stop, drop off services offered to parents.


The Kensington Learning Space is not a full-time school but provides weekend and evening classes where students and children can attend programs and classes that suit their academic journey.

Programs are taught in English apart from those for specific languages such as Thai. It also offers a bilingual curriculum supporting both English and Thai, and delivered by native speakers for these languages.

Students are taught in a fun and creative way. These programs targets students looking for international schools or from different international school, and are customizable physical programs, academic and creative programs that go hand in hand with children desired academic destination.

The Kindergarten admits children of age 1 to 6 years where they are provided with Early Childhood Education. The children are taught in a simulating, creative, and innovative environment to make sure they get a good educational foundation. Although the program is short, they have a long term perspective.

Academic programs for the target age 6 – 11 include Spanish classes, Creative combo to enhance creativity, Interact to enhance children's social skills, and read and write sessions. Other programs include Robotics, Innovation Lab, Early Coding, Apple Coding, Maths, and ICT,

There also are different physical and creative programs all that can be personalized to fit the kids developmental focuses and interests. They also offer the KLS Camp, Art, Sports and Physical strengths, Science and Technology, Outdoor Activities, Language and communication, Future skills and Leadership as well as Creativity courses.

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Facility-wise, the Kensington Learning Space is a unique, large spiral architecture that brings a figure of an endless growth and variety of things connected together to represent the Kensington Learning space belief in nurturing the kids to a brighter future.

The building has vast spaces of specific use and multi-purpose use in three circulated floors -- the earth, sky, and space. The facilities include lobby, cafe, front office, dining areas on the ground floor; swimming pools for swimming classes; and on the third floor are gym, digital hall, rhythm hall, sporting hall, and the Infinity Hall.

Other facilities include well-resourced classrooms, labs, and outdoor playing fields.

Location: Kensington Learning Space (KLS) is located in the west of Bangkok City and only about 10 minutes distance from the BTS. The facility is placed at a strategic point that gives an easy access to the vibrant and historic world-famous city of Bangkok and under the following addresses; 88/9 Bang Phrom 16 Alley, Bang Phrom, Taling Chan, Bangkok 10170, Thailand.