About Us

About us Alleduguide 

Our mission is to help parents find the right education options for their children.

We’re here to help you find international schools for your child, founded in 2018 we have more than 11,000 listings in our online school directory. We work together with the Ministry of Education in Thailand, to provide up-to-date information online on public, private, bilingual and International schools in Thailand. Our school information is available in Thai and English, catering for both expatriate families and Thai nationals to make it easy to find school tuition fees, school curriculums and extracurricular activities from early learning to K12.

About us

We belong to the Hubert Burda family, with more than 10,00 people employed globally, with more than 500+ brands. Hubert Burda Media creates content for millions of readers in Asia and Europe, we operate in 18 markets, publish more than 300 magazines in the region and employ 2,400 talented, creative and passionate men and women.

Journalistic content is the foundation of our work and the root of our value creation process. We create and curate fascinating content. Through our media, we inform individuals, entertain, inspire and help them. We aspire to gain a deep understanding of our products right down to their technological basis.

BurdaLuxury subsidiary operates in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong India & China.

The platform

International school advertising

The benefits of advertising with us

  • Contents focusing on help parents to find the right education
  • Be searchable and included in Google
  • Be found by Thai parents and Expat parents looking for education options.
  • Provide parents with a comprehensive education information and professional content and videos.
  • Be included in credible world class listings
  • Always be online to capture leads 24/7

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What are the important things that our audience looks for?

We provide a platform for parents and students to search for the right education options in one place. Our audience can browse through school listings, that are defined by category, location or specific information.

Our audience finds school information through our school listing, for a parent that is searching to relocate or a student researching programs and activities, we provide a comprehensive list of information about education options, facilities – even right down to admissions policies and price.

Location-based search

Our research on our audience shows that users tend to be location-specific in their search and discovery, with 99.97% of our traffic generated through search and intent, location is a fundamental criteria for consideration. With our Google maps services, we can let you find the nearest location based search for a school or education related activity, right in your neighbourhood, available in English & Thai.

Teaching Style and Curriculum

Users that are looking to search for specific curriculums & programs are able to find schools and activities in our platform and search on-site to narrow their education criteria and requirements.

Being storytellers, we cover the categories important for parents and students in search for International Schools, early years programs and preparation or pathways on to universities abroad.

Facilities & Features

With editorial quality images and photography, the audience is able to experience a showcase to facilities of schools, environment and culture of learning, uninterrupted and 24/7 days a week.

Tuitions Fee

Our audience is able to browse through school listings in international schools, private schools and kindergartens and find additional information on school tuition fees, starting from early years to high school and senior years, parents are able to find school fees associated openly and enquire with us to take a tour of the school or education centre.

Quick facts of our audience

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